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The School of Statistics is ranked the first in the national first-level academic discipline of statistics by the Ministry of Education. It is a top academic institute in the national strategy of developing first-class universities and first-class disciplines globally. Our vision is to address current and future challenges faced by China and the global through the excellence in education and research. Our mission is to develop leaders in statistics, data science, actuarial science, econometrics, and biostatics.

Historically, the discipline of statistics was established in Renmin University of China in 1950. The Department of Statistics was set up in 1952, being the pioneer department in the Chinese universities. In 2003, the School of Statistics was founded with five academic departments: Economic and Social Statistics, Risk Management and Actuarial Science, Mathematical Statistics, Biostatistics and Epidemiology,Data Science and Big Data Analytics.

With the persistent efforts on integrating theoretical researches with data-driven applications over years, the School of Statistics has become the leading school of statistical education and researches in China. The School of Statistics has the Center for Applied Statistics, one of the key research centers in humanities and social sciences funded by the Ministry of Education. The School of Statistics also has the secretariat of the National MAS Education Steering Committee.

Currently, the School of Statistics has two doctoral programs: the Statistics, the Risk Management and Actuarial Science; four academic master programs: the Economic and Social Statistics, the Risk Management and Actuarial Science, the Probability and Mathematical Statistics, and the Epidemiology and Biostatistics; three professional master programs: the Applied Statistics, the Risk Management and Actuarial Science, Big Data Analytics; and four undergraduate programs: the Statistics, the Applied Statistics, the Economic Statistics, and the Data Science and Big Data Technology. It has the most diversified degree categories in China, including the Degree of Science, Degree of Economics, and Degree of Medicine.

There are 42 full-time faculty members in the School of Statistics. Details are listed as following:

1. Department of Economic and Social Statistics

four Full Professors, five Associate Professors, one Assistant Professors

Research Interest: National Accounting, Macro-economic Statistics, Cometitiveness Analysis, Market Research, Data Mining in Economics, Official Statistics.

2. Department of Risk Management and Actuarial Science

five Full Professors, two Associate Professors, two Assistant Professors

Research Interest: Risk Management, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Pension and Social Security, Extreme Values and Theories, History of Statistics,Actuarial Data Science.

3. Department of  Mathematical Statistics

two Full Professors, three Associate Professors, five Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Complex Data Analysis, High Frequency Data Analysis, Sampling and Survey Methods, Quality Management, Statistical Physics, Social Network Analysis.

4. Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

three Full Professors, two Associate Professors, two Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Health Economics, Cancer Epidemiology, High Dimensional Data Analysis, Survival Analysis.

5. Department of Data Science and Big Data Analytics

two Full Professors, five Associate Professors

Research Interest: Graphical model, Spatiotemporal big data analysis, Social network analysis, Data mining, Distributed Computing