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Department of Economic and Social Statistics

The traditional advantage of the School of Statistics of Renmin University of China (RUC) lies in the teaching and scientific research of applied statistics, and has been rated as a national key discipline in statistics for its outstanding achievements in applied statistics. Among all application fields, the Economic and Social fields are undoubtedly the most important fields of statistical application. Economic statistics is also the strongest direction since the establishment of the Department of Statistics in the 1950s. We authorize degrees from undergraduate to doctoral .

Department of Risk Management and Actuarial Science

As the first established department in the school, the Department of Risk Management and Actuarial Science has a long history and has obtained a great reputation. A large proportion of chief actuaries in Chinese insurance companies are graduated from our department.The faculties consistently collaborate with insurance companies and actuarial institutions, such as PICC, Swiss Re, China Association of Actuaries, Society of Actuaries, etc. We have the leading researches in life assurance, annuity, pension, general insurance, actuarial data science, etc.

Department of Mathematical Statistics

The Department of  Mathematical Statistics formerly known as the Department of Statistics and the Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, was founded in 1952 as a traditional statistics teaching and research team of Renmin University of China. After several generations of hard work and unremitting efforts, it has developed into a professional base for teaching, scientific research and talent training of probability statistics, sampling theory, and data analysis with a solid foundation in China.

Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

The Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology was founded in April 2009. It is dedicated to the teaching and research of statistical methods in the field of public health. The master students who majored in Epidemiology and Health Statistics were first enrolled in 2007. With the deepening of marketization, informatization and internationalization, more and more requirements have been put forward for quantitative analysis in the public health field. As a subject combining statistics and epidemiology, it plays an important role in scientific management and decision-making. The students who graduate from this major are facing a wide range of needs in many fields, such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, etc.

Department of Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Department of  Data Science and Big Data Analytics at Renmin University of China was officially launched in 2020. It was originated from the initiative of the Big-data analysis Five-University joint master program in 2014. The department offers an undergraduate program in data science and big data technology since 2017 with the mission of nurture future data scientists. We dedicate to provide a solid foundation in data science for students with specialized domain knowledge such as business analytics, financial technology, health informatics, engineering systems, mathematics, and computer science. We embrace the opportunity and challenges to develop a world-class center of data science with lasting regional and global impact to the society.