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Yongjin JIN




Director of the Education Ministry Key Research Institute, Applied Statistics Research Center of Renmin University



Education and experience

1979-1983, Statistics,B.A., Department of Statistics, Renmin University
1983-1986, Statistics,M.A., Department of Statistics, Renmin University
1991-1995, Statistics,Ph.D., Department of Statistics, Renmin University
1992.8-1993.9 Visiting Scholar at School of Management, McGill University, Canada
1998.1-1999.1 Senior Visiting Scholar at NORC (National Opinion Research Center), Chicago University, USA
2007.7-2007.10 Senior Visiting Scholar and project research cooperator at University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin, USA

Work experience

1986-1993,assistant professor
1993-1999, associate professor
1999- ,professor

Fund Project

Representative Projects
1. Relation Between College Entrance Examination Proposition and Middle School Teaching, National Education Examinations Authority, 1996
2. Measurement and Control of Non-Sampling Error in Sampling Survey, Doctoral Social Science Fund of Ministry of Education, 1998
3. Research on the Missing Data Problem in the Survey, Project supported by Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, Ministry of Education, 1999
4. The Applied Research on Satisfaction Assessment System, Major project of Key Research Base of Chinese Ministry of Education, 2000
5. Assessment System and Application of Beijing Citizen Satisfaction, Project supported by Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Fund, 2002
6. The Applied Research on Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview, Planning Project supported by Humanities and Social Science Foundation, Ministry of Education, 2002
7. Sampling Plan Design of Chinese Public Scientific and Technological Literacy Observation Network (2003,2005,2007,2009), China Association for Science and Technology, 2003-2009
8. Data Processing and Analysis of Chinese Public Scientific and Technological Literacy Survey (2003,2005,2007,2009), China Association for Science and Technology, 2003-2009
9. Survey and Assessment of Existing Production Capacity of CCTV, CCTV, 2003
10. The Model and Applied Research of Nonresponse Settlement, Project supported by National Social Science Fund, 2003
11. National Standards of Customer Satisfaction Assessment in Commercial and Service Industry, China General Chamber of Commerce, 2004
12. Assessment and Norm of Chinese Customer Satisfaction, China Association for Quality, 2005
13. Sampling Plan Design of Chinese population Change and Labor Force Survey, National Bureau of Statistics, 2006
14. Systematic Study on Assessment of Statistics Quality, National Natural Science Fund, 2006
15. Sampling Plan Design and data Analysis Strategies of Large Projects, sub-project of “Chinese Youth Mentality Development Survey”,2008
16. Research on Assessment System of Quality of data in China (International Cooperation), National Natural Science Fund, 2008
17. Research on the Social Status of Chinese Women, Women Union of China, 2009
18. Research on Statistical Method on Water Usage Sampling Survey, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, 2009
19. Research on Model Methods in Complex Sampling, Major projects of Key Research Base of Chinese Ministry of Education, 2010
20. Post Enumeration Survey Theory and its Applied Research of Census Data Quality, Project supported by National Social Science Fund, 2011
21. Statistical Methods and Work Plans of Industry Water Usage, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, 2012
22. Quality Assessment of Beijing’s Transportation Data, Transportation Administration of Beijing, 2012
23. Research on Problems of Sampling Survey in Small and Micro Industrial Enterprises, Major Project of National Statistical Science Research, 2013
24. Annual Report on Academic degree and Postgraduate education development in China (2013,2014,2015,2016), Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center, Ministry of Education, (2013-2016)
25. Construction of Statistical Indicator System in certification and Accreditation Service Industry, Certification and Accreditation Administration of China, 2014
26. Sampling Plan Design of Chinese Enterprise Innovation Survey, Department of Social Science and Culture Industry, National Bureau of Statistics, 2014
27. Spatial Sampling Design Research based on Beijing’s Geographical Distribution, Major Project of Beijing Municipal Social Science Fund, 2014
28. Research on Statistical Inference of Non-Probability Sampling in the Big Data Age, Project supported by National Social Science Fund, 2015
29. Sampling Plan Formulation of National Compulsory Education Quality Survey, National Assessment of Education Quality, 2015
30. Research on the Annual Report of Degree and Graduate Education Development 2015, China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC), 2015
31. Telephone Survey Scheme for Ecological Environment Satisfaction, National Bureau of Statistics, 2017
32. Design and Data Processing of Telephone Survey Scheme for Sichuan Ecological Environment Satisfaction Degree, Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Statistics, 2017
33. Sampling Data Evaluation and Sampling Scheme of Fourth Elderly Living Conditions in Urban and Rural Areas of China, National Committee on Ageing, 2017
34. Research on Sampling Survey of Industrial Enterprises, National Bureau of Statistics, 2017
35. Design of Statistical Index System for Chinese Elderly Population, China Aging Committee, 2017


Sampling Technique,Sampling Design, Non-sampling Error Analysis, Missing Data Analysis, Marketing Survey and Research

Research direction

Sampling Survey, Applied Statistics, Marketing Research

Works outcomes

Representative Publications
1. Wage (translation), China Labor Press, 1991
2. Social Welfare in the United States (translation), China Renmin University Press, 1995
3. Analysis of Non-Sampling Error(monograph), China Statistics Press, 1996
4. Statistics, China Statistics Press, 1996
5. Non-Sampling Error in the Survey(translation), China Statistics Press, 1997
6. Survey Technique Course (translation), Statistics Education Center, National Bureau of Statistics, 2002
7. Sampling Techniques (1-4 version), China Renmin University Press, 2002
8. Techniques and Methods on Marketing Survey (1-3 version), China Renmin University Press, 2004
9. Statistics Course, China Renmin University Press, 2004
10. Market Research, China Renmin University Press, 2005
11. Study on the Application of Satisfaction Assessment System(monograph), China Statistics Press, 2007
12. Digital China, People's Publishing House, 2008
13. Statistical Processing on Missing Data(monograph), China Statistics Press, 2009
14. Sampling: design and analysis(translation), China Statistics Press, 2009
15. Digital China-60 years, People’s Publishing House, 2009
16. Statistics (1-3 version), China Renmin University Press, 2010
17. Quality Assessment of Statistical Data: analysis of error effects and evaluation of Customer satisfaction degree, China Statistics Press, 2010
18. Sampling: theory and application (1-2 version), Advanced Education Press, 2010
19. Model Inference of Complex Samples(monograph), Economic and Scientific Press House, 2015
20. Sampling Survey, Advanced Education Press, 2015
21. Sampling Techniques (The fourth version), China Renmin University Press, 2015
22. Sampling: theory and application (The second version), Advanced Education Press, 2016