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Wang, Xiaojun




Associate Dean, Director of Center for Risk Management and Actuarial Studies



Education Experience

Ph.D. in Demography, Renmin University of China, PRC, 1993.
M.A. in Economics, Department of Statistics, Mid-South Finance and Economics University, Wuhan, China, 1988.
B. A. in Economics, Department of Statistics, Finance and Economics College of Inno-Moglio, China, 1985.

Work Experience

1988-1990: Department of Finance, Hubei Finance College, Wuhan
1993-present: Department of Statistics, Renmin University of China, Beijing


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Undergraduate Class: Life Contingency, Actuarial Control Cycle
Graduate Class: Pension Mathematics, Actuarial Theory and Practice, Actuarial Principles for Social Security

Research Interest

Life Contingence, Pension, Health Care, Social Security, Ageing and Longevity Risk


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